Here are the reasons you must invest in a Smart Home Technology to enhance home security.

1. Proactive Technology

This is one feature that sets apart Smart Home Technology in comparison to traditional surveillance. Regular alerts are sent to your smartphone that provide updates about recent activities in and around your home. For instance, if you have left the door unlocked, you will receive an alert on your phone. If your dog is making his way to the balcony or your toddler gets out of her crib, the motion sensors will alert you immediately. In the unfortunate incident of a burglary, smart home technology will not only alert you but also the authorities, making it difficult for the thieves to escape in time.

2. Remote Monitoring

With Smart Home Technology, you can now monitor your home using your smartphone remotely. Smart Cameras not only let you monitor your belongings, but also your loved ones, ensuring their safety always. You can program your smart home to send an alert as soon as your kid walks through the front door, so you know that he is back home safely from school, as well as,  knowing that he is not sneaking out past his curfew.

3. Complete Control

Smart Home Security devices can be customized, programmed and controlled by their users. You can use smart locks to lock/unlock your doors remotely, adjust your camera angle, sound sirens as well as command your smart lights at any time to scare away burglars.

4. Easy to use

It’s not rocket science! Smart Home Apps are easy to use for people of all ages making this a great technology for implementation at old age homes, hospitals, day care facilities as well as schools.

5. Mental Peace

This is probably the best feature of Smart Home Technology. You can say good-bye to panic attacks and anxiety when it comes to your home. You no longer have to worry about unlocked doors, appliances that you forgot to switch off and even your electricity bill. Smart Homes have got you covered.

6. Increases Property Value and Reduces Insurance Rates

Having Smart Technology will increase your property value immediately as majority of current smart homeowners are more willing to invest in a home with the technology already in place.

Smart Homes also lower your home insurance rates as many insurance companies offer discounts and reduced premiums for homeowners with Smart Security system in their homes. This is because there is a reduced risk of loss and damage.

7. Smart Network Security

This is perfect for people who are worried that their Smart Home Devices are listening to recording their conversation. Your smart home security system is a closed system and is owned entirely by you. With a centralized smart control system, you benefit from the complete protection of your personal data and valuable information.

Simple Smart Home Devices like Smart Locks, Smart Cameras, Smart Bells, Motion Sensors & Monitors not only protect your home but also significantly increase your property value. These devices when integrated to a holistic Smart Home System, makes your Smart Home easy to control and very efficient.